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  一、 听力理解 ( 20小题,每小题1分,共20分)



  第一节. 根据对话内容,选择正确答案。对话读两遍。

  1. How does the man usually keep in touch with his friends

  A. By phone. B. By letter. C. By email.

  2. What did the woman ask the man to do

  A. Not to spit. B. Not to throw rubbish. C. Not to walk on grass.

  3. What trouble does the man have

  A. Communicating. B. Learning English. C. Sleeping at night.

  4. What is the news about

  A. Some UFOs will visit the earth.

  B. The robot does some housework for humans.

  C. People will build houses and hospitals on Mars.

  5. The man thinks ______ makes the world smaller

  A. the mobile phone B. the Internet C. the fast communication

  第二节. 听下面对话,选择正确答案。对话读两遍。

  6. When was the museum open to the public

  A. Last Monday. B. Last Tuesday. C. Last Friday.

  7. How many days is the museum open in a week

  A. Three. B. Four. C. Five.

  8. Who did Bruce visit the museum with

  A. His brother. B. His friends. C. His parents.

  9. Which movie did Bruce watch

  A. Monkey King. B. Avatar. C. Ice Age.

  10. What can the robots in the museum do

  A. Do some cleaning. B. Talk with people. C. Play chess.

  第三节. 听短文,选择正确答案。短文读两遍。

  11. Whats the name of the new product

  A. Colored pencils. B. Chocolate pencils. C. Toy pencils

  12. What can you do with this kind of pencils

  A. Write and draw. B. Eat. C. Both A and B.

  13. What do the pencils taste

  A. A little hot. B. Sweet. C. Strange.

  14. How much is one of the pencils

  A. Twenty dollars. B. Two dollars C. Twelve dollars.

  15. Who may the pencils be suitable for

  A. The children who enjoy biting the ends of pencils.

  B. The children who like eating chocolates.

  C. The children who like drawing.

  第四节. 听短文,完成表格。短文读两遍。

  To be a volunteer!

  Ages From 12 to 16 .

  Kinds of volunteer jobs

  Help parents care for their 17 .

  Help hospitals look after 18 .

  Help to look after dogs and cats 19 .

  Help old people learn how to use 20 .

  Telephone Call us at 139-4956-4979.

  Website www. volunteer. com

  二、单项填空 (15小题,每小题1分,共15分)


  1. Whos ________ girl in yellow

  She is Judy. And she plays ________ chess quite well.

  A. a, / B. the, / C. the, the D. a, the

  2. ________ you ________ on the yellow dress

   Yes. It looked very nice on me.

  A. Did, try. B. Will, try C. Have, tried D. Are, trying

  3. Dont go to crowded places, _______ you may have the flu easily.

  A. and B. but C. or D. so

  4. When ________ America __________ by Columbus

   In 1492.

  A. is, discovered. B. was, discovered. C. was, discovering. D. was, discover.

  5.Mr. Li will check our homework this afternoon. _____ you _____it

  Not yet. I am doing it right now

  A. Do, finish B. Had, finished C. Have, finished D. Will, finish

  6. Mr. Li, with his wife and son, often ________ to Ganshan for skiing in winter.

  A. go B. went C. going D. goes

  7. The film Big Head Son and Small Head Dad is enjoyed by children.


  A. So does it . B. So it does. C. So it is. D. So is it.

  8. Could you _________ some games you often played in your childhood

   Of course.

  A. disturb B. destroy C. describe D. disagree

  9. Chinese parents are always willing to do ________ they can for their children.

  A. something B. anything C. nothing D. both

  10. If you are _______, you can ask the policemen _______ help

  A. in, to B. in, of C. on, for D. in, for

  11. In a text message, 88 means Bye-bye.

  And another example is F2F _________ stands for face to face.

  A. whom B. it C. who D. that

  12. I will have the drivers license test tomorrow .


  A. Have a good trip. B. The same to you.

  C. I wish you success. D. No problem.

  13. Do you want to eat here

  No. Just fish and chips to ________, please.

  A. put away B. take away C. send away D. throw away

  14. _________

   Ever since the day before yesterday

  A. How often do you take the medicine

  B. How long have you felt like this

  C. When did you take your temperature

  D. How soon will you get well

  15. Could you tell me ___________

  A. whether GM food is harmful to our bodies

  B. when did Macao return to China

  C. which countries have you been to

  D. what are you doing at this time yesterday



  You feel tired and you have no energy. You cant breathe out of your nose and your throat hurts. Dont be afraid —you have probably just got a 36 . Every year, many kids experience this sick feeling. Some kids have up to eight colds every year. So, what 37 is a cold

  Well, a cold is an infection(传染病). It affects your nose, ears and throat and makes you feel sick and weak. Its very 38 to catch a cold. When someone sneezes or coughs near you, bacteria(细菌) travel through the air and 39 your body and then make you sick. Also, if you touch your nose or eyes after touching something that has bacteria on it, 40 a door or your desk at school, you can get sick.

  Some of the symptoms(症状)of a cold 41 a fever, a sore throat and a cough. If you sneeze, or if your nose is runny and you r 42 are watery, youve probably got a cold. Most people who have got a cold feel very tired and dont have much energy to do anything.

  A cold is not a pleasant thing to 43 . However, there are some things you can do to feel better. You should have hot drinks 44 youve got a sore throat and cough. You should eat healthy foods and get a lot of rest so your body can be strong enough to fight your cold. If youve got a fever, or if you arent feeling better within a few days, you should visit your doctor and take some medicine.

  A cold can be frustrating, 45 just remember that there are many things you can do to feel better and get stronger. Take care of your body and stay healthy.

  36.A. cough B. headache C. fever D. cold

  37.A. exactly B. nearly C. clearly D. firstly

  38.A. difficult B. necessary C. easy D. helpful

  39.A. build B. enter C. feel D. find

  40.A. like B. on C. behind D. with

  41. A. take B. catch C. turn D. include

  42.A. legs B. arms C. eyes D. ears

  43.A. do B. make C. pass D. experience

  44.A.until B. so C. if D. unless

  45. A. then B. but C. and D. or

  四、阅读理解 (20小题,每小题2分,共40分)

  阅读下面四篇语言材料,然后按文后要求做题, 并将最佳答案填入下列方框内。

  46. Which of the following words is the first in alphabetical(字母的) order in a dictionary

  A. strike B. direct C. sudden D. valuable

  47. The pronunciation of the word sudden is .

  A. /straIk/ B. /dIrekt/ C. /sdn/ D. / vljubl/

  48. Whats the past form of the word strike

  A. strike B. striked C. struck D. striking

  49. Which sentence is wrong after learning these words in the dictionary

  A. The ball struck me on the nose.

  B. We direct the old man to the park.

  C. The car stopped suddenly.

  D. The time is value.

  50. What are the Chinese meanings of the words strike, direct, sudden, and valuable

  A. 击打;指引;突然的;有价值的

  B. 指引;击打;有价值的;突然的

  C. 突然的;有价值的;击打;指引

  D. 指引;突然的;击打;有价值的

  Have you ever tried scuba-diving(戴水肺潜水) It is a very wonderful experience. Scuba is a kind of machine which can help people breathe under the water for a long time. The machine is invented by Jacques Cousteau and his friend.

  Cousteau, a French man, is full of new ideas. Since he was a child, he has dreamed of diving (潜水) deep to see the wonderful world under the sea. Later with the help of the scuba machine, his dream was realized. Cousteau took lots of pictures and videos of many strange things that people had never seen before. He spent eight years making a TV show named The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau. People were surprised at so many beautiful things under the water.

  Cousteau loved the coral reels(珊瑚礁) and the colorful fish very much. However, he was sad to see that the beautiful coral reels were dead and grey when he returned some years later. He tried his best to encourage people not to pollute our seas and oceans any more.


  51. The underlined word scuba means in Chinese.

  A. 氧气瓶 B. 水下呼吸器 C. 救生衣 D. 防护服

  52. Cousteau is from .

  A. Australia B. France C. the USA D. Canada

  53. It took Cousteau years to make the TV show, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.

  A. 4 B. 6 C. 8 D. 10

  54. Why were the coral reels dead or grey

  A. Because they were picked up.

  B. Because they were eaten by fish.

  C. Because they grew old.

  D. Because the sea water was polluted.

  55. Whats the best title for the passage

  A. Jacques Cousteau and the Scuba Machine

  B. Scuba-diving

  C. The Beautiful Coral Reels

  D. The Wonderful World Under the Sea

  56. If Chen Huan is only free on the evening of May 2, he can enjoy____________.

  A. Haydns Trumpet Concerto B. the Spanish ballet

  C. a Chinese opera D. Mozarts Flute Concerto

  57. Mr. Johnson likes the Spanish ballet very much, so he can go to_________ to see it.

  A. Tianqiao Theater B.the National Grand Theater

  C. Chaoyang Theater D.Poly Theater

  58. Where is Tianqiao Theater

  A. At 36 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District.

  B. At 14 Dongzhimen Nandajie, Dongcheng District.

  C. At 30 Beiweilu, Xuanwu District.

  D. At 30 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Dongcheng District.

  59. Jane wants to buy a ticket to enjoy a traditional Chinese opera, so she should call __________ .

  A.8315-6200 B.6506- 8116 C.6500-1188 D.8315 -6300

  60. You can enjoy all the entertainment in the city of ___________

  A. Shanghai B. Tianjin C. Beijing D. Nanjing

  Who is the greatest English writer_______61_______His popular expressions, like to be or not to be, that is a question, and his stories such as Romeo and Juliet are almost famous in every corner of the World.

  William Shakespeare was born in a small town in England in 1564. ______ 62________ By 1594, he had become an important playwright(戏剧大师) in London.

  Whether comedies or tragedies, Shakespeares plays always catch peoples hearts. ______63______ In A Midsummer Shakespeares Nights Dream, fairies(仙女)play magical tricks on people lost in the Woods. His tragedies, however, can be very dark. Macbeth tells the story about a man who becomes king by killing a lot of people.

  Shakespeares works also have a big influence on the English language.________64______

  Of course, Shakespeare wrote his plays 400 years ago and his English was very different from that of today. ______ 65_____ His plays have been translated in to other languages and are performed more often, There are over 400 films and TV plays adapted from his works. Shakespeare is not of an age, but for all The time.

  根据材料内容,将方框内A E5个句子分别填入文中空缺处,使短文内容完整、正确。



  receive, minute, when, helpful, early, if, I, from, waste, three, year, but

  Michael Leung, a famous TV host(主持人) in Hong Kong, wrote a letter to his son. It is not only 66 to children, but also good for all ages. The following are chosen 67 his letter.

  1. Life is short. While you are 68 it today, youll realize you are at the end of it tomorrow. So the earlier you start to value(珍惜)your life, the 69 you can enjoy it.

  2. You might not be successful 70 you dont study hard, although a lot of successful people havent 71 higher education.

  3. I dont expect you to support me for the rest of 72 life, so Im not going to do the same for you. You will be living on your own when you grow up.

  4. You can require yourself to be nice to others, 73 you shouldnt expect the same from others.

  5. Ive been buying the lottery(彩票) for almost 20 74 , but Im still poor. I have never even got 75 place. So you have to work hard to be successful. There is no free lunch in the world.

  66. ___________ 67. ___________ 68. ____________ 69. ____________ 70. ___________

  71.___________ 72. ___________ 73. ____________ 74. ____________ 75. __________



  A:Hi, Alice. Would you like to help save the environment

  B: Id love to. But I dont know what to do.

  A: First, you can start by turning off the lights.

  B: 76.__________. Ill do it from now on. Whats next

  A: Well, 77________

  B: Yes, I can .I can ride a bike to school every day.

  A: So second, ride a bike or walk. 78.__________ . The traffic is too heavy.

  B: I think so. What else

  A: Third, you can save water.

  B: 79.__________

  A: Thats easy. Turn off the shower when youre not using it.

  B: You are an environmental protector. Ill learn from you! Thanks a lot.

  A: 80.__________.


  以Let me tell you _______________为题写一篇英语短文。






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